K135/K165 (bogie)

K series Brochure

With capacity ranging from 12.00 m3 to 19.00 m3, the K135 and K165 are the biggest spreaders in Bredal’s K series. 

Spreading of powdered lime and fertilizer 

The K series is a series of multi-spreader that can be used to spread multiple materials, depending on the equipment chosen. It can, amongst others, be used as a fertilizer and powdered lime spreader, which adds valuable flexibility to farmers and enables a higher utilization.

The versatility and capacity of the K series make these spreaders unique. 

Whether this involves the standard lime or fertilizer spreaders with SPC4500-2 spread unit, such as a K-XE or K-XE/SC version with a 6 m spread unit for working widths of up to 48 metres, mounted with a 12-metre spread auger (K135 only), conveyor belt for aggregate – these two versions are among the biggest in the market.

A bogie provides a substantially lower axle pressure, which reduces pressure damage in the field and also makes it possible to drive with a higher total weight on roads.

The rear axle is a secondary axle that can be hydraulically locked for driving in reverse and on roads. 
The axles are spring-mounted and can be fitted with both hydraulic and pneumatic brakes. An ALB regulator for ideal braking is standard on bogies with pneumatic brakes.

An externally controlled axle is available for bogie spreaders as an optional accessory.

In addition to a SPC4500-2 spread unit, the standard equipment of the K135 and K165 includes ISOBUS for controlled application, 12–16 m lime equipment (“K” discs and downchutes for spreading lime), an LED light boom and a ladder.

Optional accessories

Optional accessories for the K135 and K165 bogie include, for example, a headland gear for precise headland spreading, litre scales to ensure proper dosing during fertilization, and a hopper extension for increased capacity in the container. 

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Weight cells

Hopper extension, 23 cm, including hydraulic cover

Cover over spread unit

Hydraulic belt-load reducer

Micro-dosing equipment

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Technical data:

K135 K165
Capacity 12.00 m3 15.60 m3
with hopper extension, 23cm 14.90 m3 18.95 m3
Net weight 6500kg 6800kg
Overall length 8695mm 8695mm
Spread unit SPC4500-2 SPC4500-2
Hopper length 5696mm 5846mm
Hopper width 2200mm 2500mm
Loading height, min. 2800mm 2950mm
Loading height, max. 3000mm 3000mm
Minimum width, outside wheels 2750mm 2750mm
Maximum width, outside wheels 2900mm 2900mm
Biggest possible wheel diameter: Ø 1675mm Ø 1675mm


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