SG: lift-mounted sand and salt spreader

Brochure overview

A salt and sand spreader for roads and sidewalks 

Bredal SG is a versatile, hydraulically operated, lift-mounted salt and sand spreader developed for spreading on cycling paths, sidewalks, roads and car parks.

The SG is simply and sturdily constructed without using electronics.

The SG is available with a hopper size of 1,500 litres or 2,000 litres and, with working widths from 2 to 10 metres, the SG will meet most needs.

Simplicity is incorporated into the SG. Spreading vanes do not have to be changed or adjusted, regardless of whether you are spreading 2 or 10 metres. The spreader is driven by the tractor’s hydraulic system, while application and spreading width are controlled by a manual valve.

The conveyor-based application is reliable and does not stop, even in moist weather or if the salt is lumpy.

BREDAL’s SG models are available with hoppers either painted silver or stainless steel.

Optional accessories

Hopper screen in stainless steel

Hopper in stainless steel


Technical data:

SG1500 SG2000
Capacity 1,500 liters 2,000 liters
Hopper length 1520mm 1520mm
Hopper width 2000mm 2000mm
Loading height* 1430mm 1600mm
Net weight 475 kg 545 kg