Bredal type 5000 drawbar

Hitch brochure

The Bredal type 5000 drawbar is ideal for heavy loads and is designed for large agricultural and contractor trailers.

The standard ring hitch comes with a Ø50 mm hole. A sleeve is available to reduce the hole to Ø32 mm The ring itself is locked in place on the hitch component by a lock ring, making the ring easy to replace.

Tractor drawbar accessories

The drawbar can be delivered with a bolt set for mounting the ring hitch.


Technical data:

Type 2500 Type 5000 Type 4000 Type 6000
Type Ring hitch Drawbar Ball hitch Ball hitch
Max. vertical load 2,500 kg 5,000 kg 4,000 kg 6,000 kg
Trailing vehicle’s maximum permissible volume - 35,000 kg 30,000 kg 35,000 kg


The type 5000 ring hitch is tested pursuant to the following directives: 89/173/EEC (Research Centre Bygholm) and (StVZO) No. 31 (TA No.31), TÜV Nord.