F8/F10: trailed fertilizer spreader with ISOBUS

F8/F10 brochure

The BREDAL F8 and F10 are Bredal’s specialized fertilizer spreaders for professional use where efficiency and profitability are vital. These models are designed to meet the different requirements for graduated fertilization, border spreading, wedge spreading, leftover area spreading and automatic starting and stopping in the headland.

Standard equipment

The trailed fertilizer spreader is prepared as standard for ISOBUS with newly developed, thoroughly tested software. Other standard equipment available for the F8 and F10 includes "A" discs for spreading commercial fertilizer, a SPC4500-1 spreader unit with 24-36 meter headland gear for headland spreading and standard spreaders are also equipped with section control.

The F8 and F10 can be equipped with weight cells, which enables the spreader to control the application rate itself and ensure that it is correct in relation to the preferred volume entered.

Another standard feature is a built-in tilt sensor which regulates the application rate in hilly terrain.

The spreader is constructed with two separately controlled floor belts so it is possible to apply different amounts on the right and left sides.

The two downchutes which place the fertilizer on the two spread discs are individually controlled on the right and left sides. This makes it possible to optimize the spreading pattern for varying working widths and application rates.

Automatic flow correction is incorporated into the downchute control software so the downchute position automatically adapts to the actual application rate. In practice, this means that the spreading pattern will not change, regardless of whether a small or large volume is being spread.

The F8/F10 is available with either a red-painted hopper or a stainless steel hopper, and various tyre mountings and track widths are available.

The standard hopper for the F8 is 5.70 m3 and 6.60 m3 for the F10.

Optional accessories

Optional accessories for models F8 and F10 include, among other things, weight cells that help to automatically correct the seed quantity while driving. In addition, liter weight is offered which is used to determine the density of the fertilizer to be sure that the spreader is dosing properly. 

In addition, it is possible to obtain increased container volume by means of a hopper extension if more capacity is needed and to obtain a hydraulic tarpaulin over the spreader for convenient operation when the spreader is to be filled. 

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Technical data:

F8 F10
Capacity 5.70 m3 6.60 m3
with hopper extension, 23cm 7.50 m3 8.60 m3
with hopper extension, 50cm - 11.60 m3
Net weight 3200kg 3800kg
Overall length 6600mm 6600mm
Spread unit SPC4500-2 SPC4500-2
Hopper length 3916mm 4016mm
Hopper width 2000mm 2200mm
Loading height, min. 2475mm 2385mm
Loading height, max. 2975mm 3155mm
Minimum width, outside wheels 2250mm 2250mm
Maximum width, outside wheels 2800mm 2800mm
Biggest possible wheel diameter: Ø 2100mm Ø 2100mm


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