F4 : Mounted fertilizer spreader with ISOBUS

F4 brochure

Tractor mounted fertilizer spreader

Bredal’s F4 is constructed with two separately controlled belts enabling it to spread different amounts on the right and left sides. The belts are driven by an oil motor which is regulated via a proportional valve.

The down position is controlled by two electric motors and is operated automatically by the spreader's computer. When a working width is selected, the downchutes automatically adjust to this. On the lift-mounted fertilizer spreader, the downward position is controlled individually in the right and left side, this is used inter alia. for edge spreading.

In the downlink control software, an automatic flow correction is built-in, so that the down position automatically adapts to the current level of seed. This means in practice that no changes occur in the spreading pattern, regardless of whether the run involves a small or large quantity.

The downstream electric motors are made of plastic and stainless steel and are well protected by shielding.

All movable parts of the tailgate are made of plastic or stainless steel, which in practice means minimal maintenance.

Automatic spreading regulation with ISOBUS

The spreader has an integrated tilt sensor used to correct the weighing signal ensuring the correct weight is displayed, even on sloping ground.

Sensors used for tracking data such as disc rpm, belt speed, etc., have stainless steel housing. To further protect the sensors, they are cast in a plastic housing that is sealed with silicone. All cables to sensors, weight cells, etc., are fed in a protective flexible conduit to maximise operational reliability.

All hydraulic hoses are routed towards the tractor on a fixed bracket with a crossbar to hold the hoses when the spreader is disconnected from the tractor.

Standard equipment

The F4 is equipped as standard with "A" discs for spreading commercial fertilizer, a SPC4500-1 spreader unit with 24-36 meter headland gear for headland spreading and lastly, the spreader is also equipped for section control.

With hopper sizes of 1,500 to 4,000 liters and working widths from 12 to 36 meters, the F4 will meet most needs.

Bredal’s F4 models are available with hoppers in either painted red or stainless steel.

Optional accessories 

Optional extras for our lift-mounted fertilizer spreaders include a hopper extension, which makes it possible to increase container volume if more capacity is needed. In addition, a platform with a ladder on the back of the spreader is offered, which makes it easier to load from big bags. 

Moreover, it is possible to have a tarpaulin that protects material in the container during spreading and road transport. This tarpaulin is also available as a hydraulic tarpaulin.

The hydraulic spread unit makes it possible to directly key the preferred disc RPMs into the ISOBUS terminal, both for field and headland spreading. 

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Technical data:

F4 1500 F4 2500 F4 3000 F4 3200 F4 4000
Capacity 1,500 liters 2,500 liters 3,000 liters 3,200 liters 4,000 liters
Spread unit SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1
Hopper length 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm
Hopper width 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm 3000mm 3000mm
Loading height* 1500mm 1765mm 1890mm 1970mm 2100mm
Net weight from 950kg** - - - -

* The loading height is measured from a spreader standing on the ground
** The basic weight is an F4 1500 with no optional equipment - the weight, therefore depends on the model and the equipment selected.


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