F2: mounted mechanical fertilizer spreader

F2 brochure

Bredal’s 'F2 model is a mechanically-driven, lift-mounted fertiliser spreader designed for professional farming and is able to spread commercial fertiliser amongst others.

A commercial fertiliser spreader with high precision

The standard F2 model is equipped with simple and sturdy mechanical and driving-dependent dosage. In practice, this means that the application rate is continuously and automatically adapted to the forward speed without using electronics. With the help of the hydraulically operated dosing wheel, the tractor's PTO need not be switched on and off when turning in the headland, which is very user-friendly.

The F2 is also supplied as standard with "A" discs for spreading commercial fertiliser, a SPC4500-1 spreader unit with 24-36 metre edge gear for headland spreading. Alternatively, 12–28 meter headland gear can be selected instead.

With hopper sizes of 1,500 to 4,000 litres and working widths from 12 to 36 metres, the F2 will meet most needs.

Simplicity is incorporated into the F2. Spreading blades should not be changed or adjusted regardless of whether they spread over 12 or 36 metres.
The dosage takes place with a belt, which means that there is only one dosage table for all fertilisers that are spread.

Bredal’s F2 models are available with hoppers either painted red or stainless steel.

Optional accessories

As an option on the F2 model, hopper extension is offered, among other things, which makes it possible to increase the container volume from 1,500 litres to 2,500, 3,000, 3,200 or 4,000 litres. In addition, an attached platform with a ladder on the back of the spreader is offered, which makes it easier to load from big bags. 

The integrated micro-dosing equipment is, among other things, to spread slug poison, various special fertilisers and catch crops, where a low dosage is required. Litre weight is used to determine the density of the fertiliser, which is crucial for optimal spreading. The optional stainless steel container has the primary purpose of simplifying cleaning and maintenance. Finally, a tarpaulin can be selected that protects the material in the container during road transport and spreading. 

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Technical data:

F2 1500 F2 2500 F2 3000 F2 3200 F2 4000
Capacity 1,500 litres 2,500 litres 3,000 litres 3,200 litres 4,000 litres
Spread unit SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1 SPC4500-1
Hopper length 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm 1520mm
Hopper width 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm 3000mm 3000mm
Loading height* 1480mm 1745mm 1870mm 1950mm 2080mm
Net weight from 825 kg** - - - -

* The loading height is measured from a spreader standing on the ground
** The basic weight is an F2 1500 with no optional equipment - the weight, therefore depends on the model and the equipment selected.

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