Bredal K-XE/SC

A high-capacity lime and mineral fertilizer spreader 

Our largest lime and fertilizer spreaders with arguments that speak for themselves: 

  • Up to a 30-meter working width for lime, 40 meters for urea and 48 meters for fertilizer
  • Fully integrated ISOBUS controls, spreading in wedges and headlands, as well as section control.
  • As standard equipment, the spreader has its own hybrid power unit (HPU) powered by the tractor’s PTO to ensure constant and exceptionally high performance

The spreading quality and working widths of the KXE/SC spreaders are unrivaled.

Standard equipment for KXE/SC models:

The KXE/SC model's standard equipment ensures a spreading with high accuracy and reliability despite its superior working width: 

  • A built-in tilt sensor which adjusts the application rate for spreading in uneven terrain
  • A lime kit mounted with simple installation (fertilizer kit is optional)
  • Hydraulically driven spread discs, mounted 6 meters apart, supplied by two 40-cm-wide, hydraulically foldable side belts.
  • A hybrid power unit (HPU) comprising a PTO-powered hydraulic pump station attached to the spreader. The HPU drives the two spread discs.
    The floor belt and two side belts are powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system. The HPU ensures a constant, highly effective power supply.
  • The K-XE/SC spreaders are controlled via ISOBUS. It is possible to use either the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal or an optional Müller Track Guide III terminal.

It is possible to equip the new spread unit with two different types of spread discs for lime and three different types of spread discs for mineral fertilizer. This ensures the widest possible working widths even when spreading poor-quality materials.

Optional accessories

Stainless steel hopper painted red

Technical data:

Capacity 9.00 m3 12.00 m3 15.60 m3
Capacity with 23 cm hopper extension 11.00 m3 14.90 m3 18.95 m3
Capacity with 50 cm hopper extension 14.00 m3 - -
Net weight      
Overall length      
Hopper length 4016mm 5696mm 5846mm
Hopper width 2200mm 2200mm 2500mm
Loading height, min. 2627mm 2800mm 2950mm
Loading height, max. 3447mm 3000mm 3000mm
Minimum width, outside wheels 2350mm 2750mm 2750mm
Maximum width, outside wheels 2900mm 2900mm 2900mm
Biggest possible wheel diameter: Ø 1675mm Ø 1675mm Ø 1675mm
Bogie No Yes Yes


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