Turf dresser

Lawn Fertilizer Spreader for Top Dress

Bredal's turf dressers are specially designed to maintain golf courses, parks, sports grounds and the like, where larger or smaller amounts of sand, mould, lime, fertiliser, gravel or similar are often spread.

Turf dressers are equipped with rubber-coated plates and blades for the longest possible life. In addition, most of the exposed parts of Bredal's turf dressers are made of stainless steel.

Once the rear door is set, all operation of the machine takes place from the driver's cab. Depending on the consistency and density of the material, the turf dresser can spread up to 36 metres with artificial fertiliser. Extra large dosage is possible.

When spreading on sports grounds and the like. It is important that the tyre attachment is the right one. At Bredal we have some standard tyre types, but can also provide tyres according to customer requirements. 


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