Sand/salt equipment

A salt and fertilizer spreader at the same time

Bredal's single disc unit for sand/salt can be supplied for all K models, and it is thus possible to make better use of the machine by virtue of various applications. With Bredal's sand/salt equipment for your spreader, you can, by simple and quick mounting, turn your spreader from a turf dresser into a sand/salt spreader.

A better utilization of the machine is achieved by virtue of the extra work tasks therefore, and precisely for this reason, the spreader must not stand at the rear of the garage when winter is approaching.

Bredal's salt stick ensures that the scattered material is led down to the substrate and spread over it. This reduces the risk of damage to cars and other equipment.

When spreading, the working width is adjusted by changing the speed of the disc, since the plate is hydraulically driven, the speed of the plate is changed by means of an electronically activated valve.

The sand/salt equipment can be mounted on turf dressers, the units, as well as the K-type from Bredal's product range. 


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