Forest spreader

Bredal's forest spreader is primarily designed for spreading wood ash in forests, but can also be used for spreading lime and artificial fertilizer. The wood ash spreader has in practice a capacity of 2-3 hectares per hour, including loading and transport between ash collection and the forest. The spreader is supplied as an attachment for forest machines.

In addition, the forest spreader is supplied with computer-controlled dosing, simple and easy encoding / modification of dosage, working width etc.

HedeDanmark, which operates a large part of Danish forestry, has had good experiences with Bredal's forest spreader and mentions its reliability, accuracy and productivity as the main advantages. 

The forest spreader is actually a K85 lime and fertilizer spreader, but has been developed to be mounted on one of HedeDanmark's forestry machines.

A wood ash spreader with gentle spreading

At Bredal, we attach great importance to developing and optimizing the spreader section, so the allocation of the ash is smooth and precise. The spreader is robustly constructed with a conveyor belt that ensures a constant supply of ash, so that the ash can be precisely distributed over the desired area.

In collaboration with HedeDanmark, it has been found that the ash is still spread well over the forest floor despite trees standing in the way. A good result, however, presupposes that the forest has been thinned.

A circular and sustainable agriculture method

Spreading bio ash is a sustainable solution, as the wood-fired heating plants are equipped with a residual product in the form of bio ash, which must be recycled at the lowest possible cost and at the same time ensure a sustainable future. The sustainable solution involves counteracting the risks that the soil becomes exhausted when both the round wood and the chips are taken out of the cycle in the forest.

By reusing and spreading the ash in the forest, forest owners get a healthier forest, where the cultivation base is also preserved for future generations

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