Bredal's units can be mounted on many different vehicles, and can be used as a regular lime/fertilizer spreader, or for laying/dosing of soil, sand, cement, asphalt etc.

For the transportation/laying of asphalt, the unit can be supplied with an insulated container.

In collaboration with the customer, Bredal prepares the unit with mounting brackets to suit the particular vehicle.

All Bredal's K-machines and F8 / F10 can be supplied as aggregates. 

Bredal does not offer attachment/assembly of the aggregate/vehicle, but is happy to assist with finding an external partner.

Bredal also offers stationary dosing units for precise measurement of a specific quantity, for example. filling up large bags. The dosing units are based on Bredal's existing products, but are adapted/changed in cooperation with the customer so that the desired applications are achieved.


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