12-metre auger

Brochure 12-metre auger

Bredal’s 12-metre auger is provided for models K105 and K135.

For the K105, the auger is available both with and without a computer-controlled application. If the mechanical model is selected, the auger is hydraulically controlled direct from the tractor, and the application via the driving-dependent belt drive. If the computer-controlled auger is chosen, the auger’s revolutions and application are adjusted via ISOBUS. The auger is folded in and out hydraulically. There are limited wheel and track-width options for the K105 with auger.

For the K135, the auger is only available with ISOBUS control.

The auger tube and coils are made of stainless steel; an adjustable rail on the bottom of the auger tube makes it possible to adjust the application hole sizes for different materials.

The spreader can be equipped with an inlet tube so the lime can be pump into the hopper from a tank trailer. A closed steel cover is also available.


Optional accessories:

Hopper extension

Calibration kit


See more accessories here

Technical data:

K105 K135
Capacity 9.00 m3 12.00 m3
with hopper extension 11.00 m3 14.90 m3
Spread unit SPC4500-2 SPC4500-2
Hopper length 4016mm 5696mm
Hopper width 2200mm 2200mm
Loading height, min. 2665mm 2800mm
Loading height, max. 3447mm 3050mm
Overall length 7665mm 8695mm
Overall height, min. 3200mm 3300mm
Overall height, max. 3900mm 3500mm
Width with auger folded 2900mm 2900mm
Maximum width, outside wheels 2900mm 2900mm
Biggest possible wheel diameter Ø1950 Ø1675