Spreading of lime

Spreading lime up to 16 meters

Bredal’s sturdily dimensioned spread units make it possible to spread up to 1600 kg/minute. Using 12–16 m lime equipment, it is possible to spread ordinary agricultural lime on working widths of up to 16 m.

The spread unit is available in 3 versions, SPC 4500-1 with a heavy-duty V-belt, used on small spreaders, SPC 4500-2 with two heavy-duty V-belts, used on the big spreaders, and a hydraulic spread unit which is an optional accessory.

The V-belts on the SPC4500-1/2 spread units are tightened with a powerful spring to keep the belts correctly tensioned during operation.

Optimal spreading with flexible spread unit 

The spread unit is mounted on two support brackets that can slide back and forth. This construction makes it possible to shift the entire spread unit to obtain the best setting at all times.

The spread unit is designed to spread very large volumes of material.

The spreading equipment is designed so that the material is fed through the vane at a slight incline for wider and more accurate spreading.

The vanes are reinforced to be able to withstand the heavy load they are subjected to when spreading up to 1,600 kg/minute.

For especially sticky materials, a “reversed” SPC spread unit is available. This spread unit is distinguished by having a particularly large space between the floor belt and spread discs.

The spread discs on this spread unit rotate in the opposite direction compared to an ordinary SPC spread unit. This type of spread unit cannot be used to spread fertilizer.