Spreading of fertilizer

K Series: to change over from spreading lime to spreading fertilizer, only the spread discs and downchutes need to be changed.

Reliable spreading equipment across wide working widths

The 12–36 m spreading equipment is designed for highly accurate spreading, also across wide working widths.

Bredal spreaders work after the 4-times overlap principle, where each disc spreads in a double working width. This principle ensures good spreading results.

Bredal spreaders are designed so that fertilizer particles are flung from the spreader at a high exit speed. The high speed, combined with a low exit angle (7 degrees), minimizes sensitivity to wind in field conditions.

Reduced risk of damaging the fertilizer

Fertilizer is fed to the center of each disc inside the vanes so that the fertilizer particles start to accelerate even before they make contact with the vanes. This reduces the risk of damaging the fertilizer during spreading.

The six vanes mounted on each disc ensure that the fertilizer is distributed in small quantities for greater spreading reliability.

The large diameter (ø72 cm) of the spread discs ensures that the fertilizer particles accelerate to a very high speed before leaving the disc. At 1,000 RPM, the fertilizer particles accelerate up to 250 km/h, which substantially reduces sensitivity to wind.

Spreading of urea, potash and ammonium sulfate 

Bredal also offers specialized spread discs for spreading fertilizers such as granular urea, potash and ammonium sulfate across working widths from 24 to 36 meters.