Headland spreading

Bredal’s headland spreading principle

Bredal’s headland spreading system works by changing the RPM speed of only one disc, to reduce the working width towards a field boundary. The field-side disc continues to spread at full rpm, ensuring double overlap into the field.

The Bredal headland spreading system properly delimits the spreading towards the boundary, while maintaining the spreading pattern on the side facing the field. It is simple to operate the headland gear.

The headland gear downshifts in the V-belt transmission itself so there is still a safety coupling if blocking occurs. The downshifting is available on all K models and is a standard feature of the entire range of F-series spreaders.

As part of the computerized spreader control, it is possible to directly activate the headland gear hydraulically from the tractor.

Hydraulically driven spread units make it possible to drive with headland spreading on the right and left sides, and to seamlessly adjust the preferred disc revolutions in the headland and on the field side.