Spread discs

“A” disc

“H” disc

“K” disc

“R” disc

“X” disc

Rubber-coated disc

The BREDAL “A” disc

The standard BREDAL fertilizer spread disc.

BREDAL’s A disc is used for spreading all common types of fertilizer in working widths from 12 to 36 meters.

It is a standard disc on all F spreaders and is used as a fertilizer disc on K spreaders.


The BREDAL “H” disc

BREDAL’s H disc is primarily developed to spread ammonium sulfate, potash and urea in working widths from 24 to 36 meters.


The BREDAL “K” disc

BREDAL’s K disc is used for spreading lime and can also be used to spread fertilizer in working widths up to 24 meters.

The K discs are standard on the K and K-XE series.


The BREDAL “R” disc

BREDAL’s R disc is available for all K spreaders equipped with a reversed spread unit.

This disc can only be used to spread lime.


The BREDAL “X” disc

BREDAL’s X disc is only available for K-XE spreaders and is developed for spreading lime across wide working widths.


The BREDAL “rubber-coated” disc

BREDAL’s rubber-coated disc is available for all K spreaders and is used for spreading sand across narrower working widths.