Large Swedish machine dealer becomes new Bredal dealer: Focus is exclusively on Bredal's lime and fertilizer spreaders

As of 15 August, Gunnars Maskiner AB, headquartered in Åsarp, is a new Swedish dealer of Bredal's broad range of lime and fertilizer spreaders. Gunnars Maskiner has seven departments covering Västra Götaland, with Gothenburg in the west and the area between Vänern and Vättern in the east. It is this area that the debate covers.

At Gunnars Maskiner, which is one of Sweden's largest John Deere dealers, they have long been looking for a strong brand in lime and fertilizer spreaders that could fit into their strategy with a focus on digital and connected agriculture.

Gunnars Maskiner only works with a few key suppliers, and within lime and fertilizer spreaders, Bredal will be the only partner.

- Bredal fills a gap in our range, and then they fit fantastically well with our range of John Deere tractors. We have many loyal customers, and they have pushed for us to include Bredal in the range, says Jan-Erik Hovlin, sales manager at Gunnars Maskiner AB.

According to Jan-Erik Hovlin, Bredal's spreader program with their Isobus connections works really well with the John Deere tractors' GPS systems, and he has heard very positively from dealer colleagues who already sell Bredal in Sweden.

- Gunnars Maskiner is the ideal partner for us. They are aimed at the leading farmers who want the highest precision and a quality that lasts for intensive use, says Jacob Bangsgaard, sales manager for the Nordics at Bredal A/S.

According to Jacob Bangsgaard, it is a breakthrough in Västra Götaland. It is an important agricultural area in Sweden, and here Bredal has so far lacked a strong dealer.

Bredal has in recent years invested heavily in technology and digital solutions. The lime and fertilizer spreaders can meet the requirements in precision agriculture, and this has been crucial for the new collaboration.

At Bredal, they also see great potential in the agreement.

- We have been working for several years to strengthen our position in the Swedish market. With Gunnar Maskiner as a dealer, we have come a good step in the right direction, says Jacob Bangsgaard.

Specifically, Gunnars Maskiner has already ordered the first three Bredal manure spreaders with section control and Isobus connection, so they are ready to deliver to their customers this autumn.

Bredal now has six Swedish dealers with a total of 19 branches.


More info

Jacob Bangsgaard, sales manager in the Nordic region, Bredal A/S

Phone: +45 88 34 93 36


Jan-Erik Hovlin, Sales Manager, Gunnars Maskiner AB

Phone: +46703013646