About Bredal A/S

For more than 50 years, we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-quality lime and fertiliser spreaders aiming for simple, low-cost operation and sturdy design. In recent years, our product line has been expanded to include winter equipment in the form of sand and salt spreaders. 

Niels Sørensen og Johannes Buhl Jensen

Founding of Bredal A/S 

The business foundation was laid by Poul Thøgersen, owner of the local blacksmith business in Bredal, together with a very inventive young man named Niels Sørensen. Niels’ ideas were brought to life in the blacksmith’s workshop, which is how they began their partnership.
After only a few years, Poul Thøgersen withdrew from the company, however, to be replaced by local farm owner Johannes Buhl Jensen in February 1950.
For years, the company was named Maskinfabrikken Bredal A/S, which seemed natural as it was a machine works founded in Bredal.
The town of Bredal is located north of Vejle, and one of the factories was situated at the original address up until 2015.

The name was changed to Bredal A/S in 2007, to take account of the growing number of customers outside Denmark.

Today, the company’s activities are still dispersed at two locations: a factory in Bredballe, receiving raw materials and processing and welding the spreaders. The other factor is situated on Nimvej, in Vejle East. This is the site of a painting facility, assembly unit, stocks, administration facilities and Bredal’s new Testing Centre.

Historical brochure archives

Bredal Testing Centre 


Fertiliser spreader manufacturer

Initially, the company’s production process primarily featured outright metalworking, and repairs and production of small mechanical implements for local farmers.
The actual serial production of agricultural machinery on a large scale started in the late 1940s when Niels Sørensen joined the company.

The story of Bredal as a machinery manufacturer starts in 1949. World War II had ended, and Danish agriculture was rapidly growing, due to the Marshall Plan, among other things.
This was when the two founders, Poul Thøgersen (owner of the local blacksmith’s workshop) and inventive Niels Sørensen started the company.
They initially manufactured trailers that could be drawn by both horses and tractors, where were very successful. This positive interaction with the agricultural sector prompted Bredal to continue in this direction.

For years, the company manufactured a wide variety of agricultural machinery; the production process was initially focused on trailers, but soon included harrows, commercial fertiliser and manure spreaders, etc. In the 1950s, Bredal successfully launched the “digger plough” for mounting on tractors to improve field grip.

The first lime spreader

The foundation for the current production of lime and fertiliser spreaders was laid in late 1965 when Niels Sørensen made the first lime trailer, a model that was subsequently named the B46. The production of these lime and fertiliser spreaders was soon very successful and required the company to phase out other products to be able to meet the demand for lime spreaders.

By the 1970s, demand was so great that there was no longer enough space in the manufacturing facilities in Bredal. This was when a new division was built in Bredballe in 1976. The brand-new manufacturing facilities enabled Bredal once again to meet the big demand for its spreaders.
During the 1980s, Bredal developed the very popular B2-B8 Series, which were the first spreaders for spreading fertiliser only. This series was enormously successful and thousands were sold. 

One of today's biggest manufacturers of high-capacity spreaders

Today, the production process focuses on spreaders for various materials, but today a bigger segment of the production process than previously goes to the contracting and construction industries. Bredal spreaders are used for spreading fertiliser on golf courses, and similar, as well as in the construction industry. The vast majority of products are manufactured for the agricultural industry, however. 
Bredal is currently one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of high-capacity spreaders, and the market is no longer the local farming community. Today Bredal has its own importers in most parts of the world, and the familiar red Bredal colour is known in large segments of the agricultural community all over the world.